Wednesday, March 3, 2010

he just wants a hug ~ Part 2

All is well in the coop this morning!!!!
Thanks for all the concern in this trying time!
It took me forever to fall asleep last night so
I ended up sleeping in a little this morning.
The first thing I heard upon waking was Mr Big
crowing and it was coming from the barn!
So I knew at least he made it thru the night.
I can look out my bedroom window and see a
little bit of the inside of the barn
and I spotted Becky.
She is the white guinea,
the boss of the farm,
as shown in my header!
She is a fraidy cat too so I am sure
she was hiding somewhere and that was the only time that she was quiet too!!
I had no choice but to garb up and brave the wild winter winds and knee deep snow
and take that treacherous hike down the hill to the barn to see if Carrie was alive.
This is no exaggeration either.
The barn is close enough for me to throw a rock from my house and hit the backside of the barn.
It is straight downhill though.
That hill can be deadly!
I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have fell going down that hill
and slid feet first into the door!!
Most of the time I got my start up next to the house and slid all the way in!!!
However, this morning the trip was for a good cause.
I needed to check on my precious Carrie.
Maybe it was just a lovers quarrel!!
There were a lot of black feathers in the floor
so I feel there was some sort of commotion in the barn last night
that woke him up from his roost and ran him outside.
I have a feeling we will be having possum stew this weekend!!
(jus kiddin on the stew part, we won't eat him .............)
Thanks again for worrying right along with me!!!


Brenda said...

Oh - What a relief! I'm so glad they're all okay!

I'm sorry to laugh, but the mental image of you taking a sliding trip to the barn bring all sorts of mental images! :D

When I lived at the farm before buying this farm ... it was on a steep hill. And, the year we had all the ice and snow that just wouldn't go away, I found myself hitting the ground and sliding all over the place. I think it was 2007.

The goat house and yard was up the hill from the house so I had to carefully get up there to milk and then try to get back down the hill with the fresh warm milk to the house! I finally just sat down and slid to the house each time for the weeks we had to deal with the ice on the ground. Not good memories! But, funny now that it's in the past!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh, I'm so glad everybody is all right this morning! Especially little Becky!

Kountry Girl At Heart said...

I am so glad to hear everyone is okay! Hope you have a wonderful day, and maybe you can get a nap in today to make up for the rest you lost last night!

Nezzy said...

Oh baby, if we could only talk with the animals what stories they could tell. Yep, I know the feeling when their trying to tell ya something and we just don't get it. Do carrots go well with 'possum stew? Heeeheehe!

Have a fantastically blessed day!!!

the canned quilter said...

Gosh I am glad everything worked out! We have had our share of Possum and coon woes through the years. I really dislike possums : ) We actually this summer heard a commotion and went out to the shed to find a baby coyote! Ah life on the farm ...

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thanks girls!! You all are so precious to me!

Yes Brenda I have had a time on that hill. The last time I fell I told danny I would be right back that I was going to run down and close up the chickens......I was right back knocking on the window for him to come and help me get all my muddy clothes and boots off so as to not make a bigger mess. I guess I plowed the ground and went under cause I had mud all over the front and back of me and in my hair!!

My next farm will not rolling farmland....hahaha!!!

Brenda said...

Becky - You crack me up!! I'm sorry, I know it's not funny ... but, how did you get mud all over the front and back and on top of your head?

I am VERY glad the farm where I moved a year and a half ago ... to grow the goat dairy.... is pretty flat. I've only slipped on the back stairs and bruised my backside a couple of times, well maybe 3 or 4 times ... but I didn't fall on the snow at all this year! I'm very glad for that.

Be very careful on that hill of yours!

Nancy M. said...

I hope nothing gets your animals! He's so cute, I'll bet he gives good hugs!