Saturday, March 13, 2010

I had a vision..........

I wish I could say that I feel better but I can't lie about that. I feel horrible today. We both have had our worse day yet. While my SIL Eric is out winning bike races, and I am sure he rode for about 8 gazillion miles too. Also my dear friend and neighbor Amanda of Lovin Country Livin ran her first 5K today!!! My hats off to both of you!!!! I have to say that I won the "Who can take the most cold medicine in 24 hours" and the "Who can take the most cat naps in 24 hours" contests!! Yep that's me number 1!!!!! There were some other things I was very very good at today but this is a semi not gross blog and so I'll leave those snotty things behind closed doors and off the world wide web. OK?

I did however get into enough state of confusion due to the hypoxia I am sure, to start yet another project! Hey don't start talking bad about me yet. I really got a lot of it done today!! You see I was hyped up on cold meds and I had a vision, an epiphany of sorts! As you know I have been wanting a king sized quilt for my bed.............well his bed, cause I have been in the guest bedroom for almost 2 weeks now cause I can't sleep with him snoring or coughing and he can't sleep with my coughing anyway for "That king size bed we own". I decided today that I would make a Crazy Quilt As You Go Quilt. I googled it and found out that I didn't come up with this idea first!!!! Imagine that.....someone else was high on her cough meds a few years back and came up with this idea and wrote a book about it and has a blog and has tutorials on youtube.......unless I dreamed all that up in my cat naps today that were medically induced!!

I checked out her style and decided it was close enough to what I was thinking about and got started. I knew it was a far fetched idea for me to get a king size quilt quilted in my frames and I sure wasn't going to attempt it by machine with out frames so a quilt as you go method was the only way to turn. I have quite a stash of fabric that I thought too lovely to cut for a long time now. If I love it enough to buy it without a project in mind to get started immediately on I tend to do that and never want to cut it. I bit the bullet and whacked right into some great fabrics today. I hope I remember what I was doing when I am out of my stupor!! I have used some Alexander Henry, Amy Butler, Moda and Heide Grace fabrics to name a few! They are all so summery too. It does my heart good to see these fabrics coming together.

I think I will need 81 blocks maybe more to cover my bed really good and hang down just right over my long white cotton dust ruffle. I made that ruffle last year and it has something like 36 yards of ruffle around only 3 sides of the bed! It sure does cost to have such a roomy bed .....for one little man to be sleeping in all by himself. I have 64 blocks done..tops only. I will have to cut a backing and batting and quilt them together before putting them together with the sashing that holds all the layers together. I also have a slew of shabby pink fabrics that are mostly rose patterns and I am contemplating backing the blocks with a variety of the rose fabric so the quilt will then be reversible. No harder to make 2 quilts than it is one!!!!! I can then have 2 very different looks out of one quilt! What ya think? Let me know soon cause I plan to still be on a roll tomorrow and get this baby finished in no time. I can't wait to see it on my big cherry 4 poster bed. I have had this bed for over 10 years now and planned to make a quilt for it as long. So I am pumped about this epiphany!!!!!!!! Good cold medicine huh?

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Brenda said...

It sounds like you came up with a wonderful way to make a really big king sized quilt! I think it's a great idea to make the quilt reversible. That must be some really good cold medicine! Or, maybe the cat naps are enhancing your brilliant creativity?

OurCrazyFarm said...

64 blocks!! Today?? Those must be some goooooood drugs:))) Can't wait to see the finished results.... Now you've inspired me to get back to finishing my king size quilt. Get better soon my friend!!