Friday, March 5, 2010

Do you act like this?

Or am I the only one around besides my dad who has such a temper?
I have spent the morning repairing and cleaning up a big, well a BIG mess
that I myself made back before Christmas.
I had the Christmas tree up in the foyer by the window,
as I am sure you remember with all the
photos that I shared of that tree
that I did not like.
I didn't like the photos or the tree!
I also had an electric tart bunner
plugged in to the same outlet as the tree lights.
Do you see where I am going here?
Hot melted wax, me befumbling around with tangled cords?
You got it.
I spilled hot but very nice scented
Pumpkin Crunch Pie wax allover everything in the foyer.
It was sorta behind the tree.
It was allover the little white table that it was sitting on, the floor
and my white walls! Urgh!! It was soaked up into a crocheted doily that was under it.
Everything immediately turned a nice shade of Pumpkin!
I just took a deep breath and let it out.
Then I most patiently walked away from it!!
Isn't that what you guys would do?
If I tried to clean this mess up I would have been wearing a Christmas tree
around my neck or I would have gotten so
"frustated" (not a typo, you American Idol watchers will know what I mean here)
that I would have thrown everything in there out the window into the snow.
So instead I decided to wait until today to clean it all up.
What a mess. I was right about how hard it would be to clean up too.
It involved sandpaper, a chisel, Clorox, lots of hot soapy water and a paintbrush and bucket of white paint.
Need I say more?
No pictures cause it was TOO big a mess to show off!!

While on my cleaning frenzy this morning, I found this unfinished tablecloth from several years ago. I have a nice storage bench under the halltree that houses several UFO's.
I would really like to know what I was thinking when I got this one started.
Did i really think that somewhere in my lifetime I would actually have enough little 4" blocks
for a tablecloth?
Maybe a dollhouse tablecloth!!
Oh yeah that's right I have an unfinished dollhouse too.......
hahaha that darned ADD again!
Maybe I will do better after next weekend when daylight savings time kicks in again!
Oh happy days!!!!!!!
No I won't do any better but I may very well get these 42 blocks put together to make
a very pretty table runner. I mean tablerunners are more in vouge than tablecloths, right?
Yes my dear friends, I am almost finished with
Baby Bubbas Crocheted Log Cabin Baby Blanket!!
Aren't you all proud of me?

The sun is shining so beautifully today and
I am feeling a little Springy
so I had to make this wreath.......

and hang it on my front door!
I am doing some other Easter/Spring decorating today too.
Pictures later!

So my friends I think it paid off to wait until a pretty sunny day to tackle that crazy mess I made
and not let my temper get in the way.
Not that I didn't whisper little bad words to myself with each new obstacle I ran into while
trying to get the mess cleaned up!!

Off to the foyer again!

I sure hope Spring has Sprung in your neck of the woods!!
ps. here's the sourdough bread recipe I hope you all try it!

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OurCrazyFarm said...

You are such an inspiration! If I had any clue how to make a wreath or crochet a table runner (or a whole table cloth) I would jump right up and do it. But instead I think I'll go sew a quilt:)) Keep thinking spring my friend!!

Brenda said...

The wreath is SO pretty! I'll bet the table runner will look great in your house with all the special decorations you have.

Sure sounds like you have lots of energy today! The sun must be shining at your house!!

Gail said...

Did you try ice?

I would be very proud of those blocks and display them in a place of honor. They could be coasters and you won't have to join them.

Your decorations are beautiful.

I am still waiting for my spring energy to hit.