Saturday, August 7, 2010

Banty update!

They are alive!! They are still all under the chicken coop and I can't seem to coax her out but as of right now they are all alive!!! I went down there this morning and I could still hear chirping. I went to a very small hole in the back of the old building and I placed my eyeball right up there in that hole knowing perfectly well that there were creepy crawlies on the other side of that hole. I spot a black blob about the side of the hen but couldn't see movement and I was afraid it was her dead body. I ran back to the house and got my flashlight went back to the hole and threw my eyeball back up in there and came eyeball to beak with a live chicken!!!!! She seriously could have pecked my eye out too!!!!!!! I started talking to her and she started talking back and she hopped up and a bunch of itty bitty babies run out from under her!!!! Thank You Lord!!

I moved all the goats out of that field and I have the rooster out there to try and coax her out and back up inside today! Wish me luck on that one. Poor Mr Big is just beside himself too. Probably feels like his whole family is stuck in a mining tunnel or the likes. If she keeps them under the building they may very well be consumed by a predator at night. WE WILL BE BUYING AND SETTING A LIVE TRAP TONIGHT!!!!!!! That's another good excuse for me to go back to Red Hill general Store!!!! Thanks for the well wishes girls!!

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Nancy M. said...

I'm so glad they're okay! I understand your worry about predators, we have a lot of those here as well!

Yesterday I saw a couple of my hens coming out from under an old car and they were acting all huffy like they were broody. I looked but didn't see any eggs under there, but maybe they were hidden? Why can't they lay where they are supposed to?