Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day one.....

Guess who is up, dressed and out the door with a large cup of coffee in his hand on his way to the hardware store to buy a 4X4 post for my shop sign? Yep, you guessed it! He took off like a streak to get there before they sold out of them. He will be back home and have those post hole diggers humming and a hole dug in no time flat.......he has waited a long time for me to decide where exactly I wanted that sign to be hung!! LOL

Guess who is coming home and as soon as he gets that post planted is getting to work on the trim work of the shop? He has procrastinated long enough on that project but he loved the pictures of my muse shown in my last post! He is just excited thinking about the idea that I told him that "I" would paint the building white when he was finished with the stripping and trim! He knows that I am afraid of heights and way too clumsy to use a ladder.....however do you remember the ladder in the back of the gator that I was on to paint windows?? We won't remind him of that one. I rephrased my suggestion of me painting to read something like this....."I will paint the porch and railing and the parts that I can reach and you can just pick up the pieces on the rest of it!!" We will see who climbs that ladder!!
I purchased some white mums for the garden beds yesterday.
I picked up some osnaburg fabric to cover a piece of foam for the porch swing cushion that I have had for about a year now.....who's the procrastinator?
I have some white linen fabric with "new curtains for the shop door" written all over it!
My wheels in my mind are turning ninety miles a minute right now!
Now if I can just get my legs and arms turning that fast, this project will be finished in no time!

I practiced a speech all day yesterday that I would use to turn down that nursing position, if I got the call with an offer, but what do you know, they didn't call me! I was told that they were going to try and wrap it up and let me know something yesterday but I didn't get the call. Oh well! I am glad that God didn't have that in his plan for me anyway! Thank You Lord! Right here on Sunny Morning Farm is where I am supposed to be!
Right there in my tiny "Showalter Place" hair studio making the valley folks beautiful one head at a time!!!
Gotta go, I've got a job to do!!!
Have a great weekend my friends!


the canned quilter said...

You go girl : )

Kathleen said...

I might just have to wait 'til I get home to get my hair cut now!
Can't wait to see what it looks like!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Yippee!! It's always so much more fun, too, when the honey is excited and offers to help. So glad you are following your dream! Can't wait to see the end result:))

Brenda said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see it finished and the photos along the way!!

By the way ... thank you for the lovely email this morning! I've tried to email you back a couple of times, but it keeps getting kicked back to me. It says something about a spam filter?? Maybe your email things mine is spam :D