Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day #8ish.......A lot to talk about here.....

I have been one busy little bee this week!
I am working really hard to get my hair studio finished and open for business. This includes the decorating of the hot tub room next door that will be extra seating and a waiting area for my clients. Plus I have wanted this room decorated for a long time. I got it started several years ago but some how got side tracked and it wasn't finished...imagine that??
My inspiration has always been the dresser on the cover of this Coastal Living magazine.
I love that weathered beachy look! Those colors are just beautiful. The dark navyish blue
and the lime green!

So I got thie trim in that room started today and I can say that I am loving it already!
Of course these are nighttime pics and the coloring is a little off.
I have some more distressing to do to this.
I have hung some beachy-lake-water-relaxing-vacationy pictures that I found at a yardsale for a steal.

They add to the ambiance of the room.

Now don't laugh!!!
I hot glued all those seashells onto this mirror!!
I love it too!

When I get the beams painted in the same distressed look I think it will really look good. The hottub is a dark green/teal granite color that matches the trim or vice- versa!
I will have some comfy seating, a fridge and some form of entertainment in there.

The trim work on the hair studio is finished and we are ready to paint it now!!
Woot woot!!
Robin and Eric are in for the weekend and Danny saw the perfect opportunity and asked Eric to shimmy his little athletic self right on up that ladder and get to the high parts today!!
Afterall if he could run 5 miles in the time it took me to fix a quick breakfast this morning....what is a few screws in a few boards 20 foot off the ground??? Easy peasy!!!

I had these vintage linen curtains just waiting for a special place.
They had some spots that wouldn't soak out so I tea dyed them and hung them on the front door.
I think it was just the right place!

Don't you?

Another night time picture!

I can't wait to see it painted white!!!

ooooops I guess I liked this one a lot!

A horrible night picture of the whole studio.
I can't begin to explain what a difference the trim made on this little building!
I can't wait for the paint!
Did I already say that???
Oh well!!
I am excited!!!
Now about that call that I was awaiting last Friday about that nursing job?
They made me an offer but told me to think about it til Monday and let them know.
I will take it and then I will start on the 13th as best as I can say right now.
That will give me two weeks to get a lot of things done that I did not get done in the past 1 1/2 years!!
At least this is only part time!
(now I can tell you about it;-)
It is in a surgeons office....I worked for a solo surgeon for 5 years til he closed his surgery office and it was my best job ever! This is 5 surgeons, 3 of which I worked with in the ER!
A cardiologist (who I used to work with at the hospital)!
An adjacent family practice (know all of them too)
and the best part............ drum roll........
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8-5!!!
If I was going to tailor make a job for me it would be this one!
Well since I can't find that job that will send me a paycheck while I sit at home, this one will be the next best one!!
NO I do not want to go back to work but I am going to bite the bullet and do it anyway.
I have a want list about 2 feet long and it takes a lot of money to get those items that I want!!
Robin and I went to the fabric store today and lo and behold they had an Elna quilting machine in there that was so pretty and shiny!! It had my name written all over it!
I will have to pull many hours in the Dr's office and cut many heads of hair to get that one alone and there are many other items on that list!!!
Wish me luck on that one!
In a few weeks I will have 3 jobs or more, goat farmer, nurse and hairstylist....among many more hats which I wear such as....manager of a vacation rental home, bookeeper for Danny's business plus the other 2 businesses that I run, chief cook and bottle washer!
OMG, I am already wored out!!!!
I will be back soon with pictures of the paint job on the studio, I hope!!
Goodnight all!!


Kathleen said...

Congratulations, Becky! On the job and the building! I love the photo updates!

the canned quilter said...

Building is looking great and congrats on the job !