Friday, August 20, 2010

Comparing notes.......

In my quest to find the right answer for that burning question...

"What do I really want to do when I grow up?"

I have been doing some super serious soul searching.

I have weighed out the pros and cons, the upside and the downside

of 'public employment' vs. 'be my own boss'.

Guess which side is probably going to win?


I have always been an entrepreneur at heart.

Never very good at it but always loved it.

Not the bookkeeping part but I have managed a few businesses over the years and the IRS hasn't found me yet ;-)

so I think I can do that part too!

This photo above is my muse.

My inspiration.

Although I think this is my dream that I have been dreaming for several years now and I just found the end of that dream a few weeks ago in the form of a blog.

Imagine that?

I knew all this blogging would pay off one day, didn't you?

This 'to die for studio' is My Shabby Streamside Studio.

Click on her name to go off to wonderland in the Catskills Mountains!

Click here to see her before pictures of her studio, before all the chippy white paint

and fru fru!!

Now here is Becky's hillside studio....teh hee

This building as you probably remember from last spring has been turned into a hairstyling salon and it is in my yard.

It is still not completely finished on the outside....well that is an's NOT at all finished on the outside, but I have been doing business, albeit part time inside for almost 1 1/2 years. I just never could decide if this is truly what I wanted to do when I grew up or not.

I have NOT put up a sign.

I have not advertised.

I don't even tell anyone for an unsettled fear that they might actually want my services and I didn't know for sure if this was really the avenue that I wanted to trod.

So in my full week of soul searching, and I can do some serious soul searching in front of the sewing machine and ironing board, I have finally come up with an answer to that question above.

Yes I "do" want to be a hairstylist when I grow up!!

Of course I knew that 30 years ago, even before I went to cosmetology school, before I purchased my first salon with a friend, before I branched out on my own, before I moved my business to my home so I could work while going to nursing school...........wait a minute, back up here......oh yeah it's that ADD, good thing I did go to nursing school so I could diagnose myself for free!!

Here is the side view and it pretty much looks the same as it did back in 2008 when this picture was taken, other than the side of the building is now covered with weeds. LOL!
Well no, that is no laughing matter because I am the one who will have to clean up that garden!!
I am hoping that my dear husband will finish the trim on the outside and put the rock around the foundation for me though. I do know how to use a Skil-saw, a chop-saw and a drill if I need to. He just doesn't usually like for me to get started on something like that cause he will just have to come along and finish it!!
The building was intended to have the strips over the cracks just like my muse above. The intentions were always for it to be white too.
I CAN paint ya know?
Do you think she saw my plans?
This building has been built since 2003!!!
I needed to get a feel for this small space and so far it has worked out pretty well with my clients. Seating space for friends/family members is null and void, but we make do.
I will carry out my plans for a waiting area in the next door hot tub room.
Maybe a fridge with cold drinks and juice, snacks, magazines, hairstyle books etc etc for my guests.
I have done a lot of research online about tiny houses and businesses......seems it all part of the "green movement"! hahaha
I also have a lot of ideas that are in the works for the courtyard garden in front.
The red building and the hay shed will be torn down soon to make way for the new matchy matchy barn too. I will add some porch rail flower boxes and maybe some handmade gingerbread for the trim! Made by him of course, he can make anything. Maybe some homemade gingerbread for my clients too! Made by me!

With a little tweaking it will be exactly what I need.

Now I have to make my sign....again.... and get it hung this time around before I change my mind.....again!!!

I have to do some advertising, however Danny is my best word of mouth advertising that I have.
Not because he stays so clean cut....far from it, he has to beg for a haircut for weeks it seems, but he tells all his friends and coworkers. I have been cutting his bosses hair for well over a year now and they were talking yesterday about my decision to go back into the nursing field or not. He told Danny that it didn't matter if I went back or not that I was still going to cut his hair because I was the best!!! hahaha I have him snowed!
Another coworker overheard this conversation and inquired about my services, got right on the phone and called his family......immediately I had 3 new hair clients!!

The new salon name is

Showalter Place
Hair Studio
318 Showalter Road NW
Willis, Va 24380

now if I get that call today about that job that I interviewed for on Monday.......hmmmmmm???
What to do? What to do?


MamaTea said...

Love it!!! Hurry up and get that sign up!!!!

the canned quilter said...

Girl you are so funny! That Add stuff is rough : ) I'll just stick with my OCD.

Love ya sista : )

Amanda said...

I think you'll do great with it. I always liked Leslie's haircuts and she would always say you did it. This is funny because I'm frustrated with my job and this is the other "program" I was talking about in my last blog post. I sent them my info and contact number, but I can't quite talk my husband into this one. lol. He in so many words just told me to get a grip.

Brenda said...

I really like the studio! What a wonderful place to work from home.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Well I just might scrap the whole chicken coop thing and turn my newest little building into a mom hideaway deluxe with white paint and a little trim work. What a dreamy little cottage! Can't wait to see how you put your magic into transforming yours:))