Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bestest Banana Bread ever!!!

I am truly not a lover of bananas or banana bread or banana ice cream but I do love banana pudding!! I had 4 overripe bananas Tuesday and decided to hunt up a recipe for them before they went bad. I was also in a cooking mood.

I sucked it up and tried this recipe for banana bread and I knew if I didn't like it that it probably would be ate by Danny. Afterall he always places his cakes in a big glass of milk and eats it with a spoon. That was one of the hardest things for me to get used to when we got married!! Turned out his whole family does that with most every type of cake, even the ones with a thick layer of frosting!!! I also couldn't get used to the fact that he and his father took their boots and socks off in the living room and then walked to the bedroom leaving their boots til the next morning!! Blew my mind!!! hahahaha I am sure that I was just perfect and did not have any weird quirks when he married me!! teh heeeee!!

Back to the banana bread.....I am really tired of typing out the word banana too........IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!! THIS BREAD IS CAKE!!!! Yes he has ate it in milk or without!! It is very very moist and simply delicious. I am now a fan of BB!!!!! I think you all should give it a try! I was just dreaming of a nice cold slice of this slathered with a big ladle of Boiled Custard!!! YUMMO!!! I think I will be making that tomorrow and serving the BB warm with warm BC or the BB cold with cold BC, either way it will B OK in my book!!!

Well it seems that I can not get you to the link for this perfect BB that I have already told you about. Sorry but I am too sleepy to keep trying to find it. I did print the recipe off and hopefully it has the link at the top of the page. I know your mouth is watering and I shouldn't tease you like that but I did! (I bookmarked the recipe but it won't come up now????)

Goodnight!!! Sweet dreams coming my way filled with BB and BC!! I will be back tomorrow with the recipe even if I have to type it all out for you!!!

Good Mornin!! As promised last night here is the link to the best Banana Bread ever. I was so tired that I forgot the name of the recipe's Banana Banana Nut Bread!!!!! Enjoy!!! I am off to have a slice with a nice hot cup of French Vanilla coffee!!

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