Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Made in the USA....

I am not sure if I have ever told you or not but I love galvanized anything!

I especially love that this new really cool tub is made in the USA and it was only $14!!

I love this made in the USA $14 galvanized tub even better when it is filled with fresh sweet corn from my garden!!
My freezer is full to the brim with corn this year.
We got over 200 ears white corn from a truck farmer, who was picking his corn for the market, along side where Danny was bulldozing one day.
He gave us this corn for FREE!
Leslie helped me put it up for half and it just so happened that her freezer has went on the blink so guess where her corn is?
I barely have enough room left for my corn that has just started to come in but that's OK, we will just eat hers first to make room for more!! ;-)))
I made a wonderfully yummy corn pudding tonight for supper to go along with a $2 whole chicken that I roasted, mashed potatoes and a loaf of homebaked fresh from the oven bread!!!
My house sure did smell good with all this going on!!
Wow that was a good meal!!
My husband is thinking twice about sending me to work now!
I have an interview on Monday!!
I can't share very much with you right now.
I must be crazy to mess up this beautiful thing that I have going here.
Pray for me, Please!!
If it's in God's plan I will be back at work, if not I will be right here cooking for my husband!
I do have my eye on a nice new quilting machine though!!!!


Lorilee said...

I love galvanized stuff too! That corn looks delish. I am going back to work tomorrow--I am a teacher and our in-service is beginning. I always hate to see my home time end!! What kind of roo is that in your banner? He is gorgeous.

the canned quilter said...

Ditto on the galvanized stuff ! That corn looks really good. Yum : ) I will pray for you getting the job.