Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Half Time......

So girls.......I start my nursing job on Sept 13th in the surgeons office. That's a Monday and it is the day for system orientation. I can't tell you how many times I have had to sit thru this one. I have worked with the Carilion system in many different positions over the years and went to nursing school with them. Each time you transfer to another position (even within the same unit) or go to school you have to sit thru this ordeal! At least it is only one day now instead of 3-5 days like it used to be. Don't tell anyone but after I had sat in this "show" for about 5 times, I fell asleep during the fire safety video and had my head in my hand and my elbow on the arm chair and almost fell in the floor!!! When I woke up I looked around and everyone was asleep!!

Other than that Monday and a staggered crazy schedule for computer classes for the new electronic medical records they are using now, I will be only working mostly Tues, Wed, and Thurs!! Only 3 days a week....that leaves me 4 days a week, right? So I am trying to convince myself that I am going to be just fine working only part time. I am not having a lot of luck convincing myself of that tho. This morning it hit me that I will be only working "half time", actually less than half time when you consider that I will have 4 out of 7 days off to do the things that I love to do. I will have those other 3 days to make the money to support those other habits that I have on those 4 day breaks...sewing, quilting, sewing machine collector, farm girl, water lover, gardener, goat milker, cheese maker...etc etc etc etc........ Plus the time to work in my hair studio! Never know how that will pan out cause I am out in the boonies ya know!

Then if it happens that I have to work 4 days one week (the schedule is made out 30 days in advance) I am going to convince myself that those hours will be "bonus money" that will be used for special things!! I will make myself happy with this decision one way or the other!!! I am sure that I will be just fine once I actually get in the door and reality slaps me in the face. It is usually so busy with any nursing job that I have ever had that you can only daydream so much throughout the day about what you would rather be doing!

So I am going to think positive about this and go forth!! OK? OK!

Now in the next a little less than two weeks (but who's counting?), time that I have left, I am going to make some changes around here. I know you have heard it all before but like I told my sil..."don't believe everything you read on here!" She asked me one day if I had finished a quilt that I started many months before!! hahahahaha Like I said don't believe it all!!! LOL!! This time I am going to get some "so called organization going" like in my sewing room. I am full of ideas about how to get things organized in there so I can have a couple projects going at a time and be able to finish them in increments at different stages and different stations for each step in the process. You know my ADD and also I will "NEED" for sanity's sake to have something to be able to work on when I get home in evenings or on those days off. I will explain all that later and maybe with pictures!!

I am also on a quest to fall in love with my Baby Lock Quilter's Choice machine again. Remember I looked at the Elna Quilter's Queen at the fabric store last week. I DID NOT SEW ON IT, I AM NOT THAT STUPID!! I did however drool all over it......sorry ladies but I have it marked with my spit now so I guess I will have no choice but to buy it!! However, I am trying once again to convince myself that it is the "same" machine as what I already have and does the "same" things that my baby does! The Queen was just so shiny and new and had a different "powerhouse" look to her. I am going to give it my best shot with my baby today and hopefully get a lot of time in on her in the next 2 weeks to fall in love with her all over again. If I don't flip again, I will go back to the store and take the queen for a test drive and think about purchasing her in the next few months, or maybe I'll find a real nice used queen on ebay! This is the same machine that she has at Pleasant Home!

Better go I have some furniture to move!!


OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh you make me laugh! It's almost scary how alike we are! I have been going crazy up here trying to get organized in so many areas, too, and was just preparing a blog post on my cooking strategy for the next few weeks. Now I am 0 on a scale of 1-10 in organization so this will be quite an adventure for me.

Those pesky computerized medical record systems. Our little facility has been working for months on implementing a new system with plenty of bugs to drive everybody crazy. I am sure you will love your new job. Just think~ you get to get dressed up and talk to big people instead of goats all day:)) Just make sure you save some of your vacation hours for that little trip to the Bahamas!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Uh-Oh! If you test drive it, may as well write the check! That's what happened to me and my Janome MC6600! So I can only imagine what will happen with that one too!!

Amanda said...

Congratulations on the new job!!