Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is where I am.....

.........although I am sitting in the dark right now!
In my fresh clean office/quilting room!

Whew, this room was a mess, and I will leave it at that!!!
I will spare you all the grimmy, dusty, cluttered details.
I thought my office was now deserving of a new wall quilt so I whipped this one up this afternoon!!
This is the Moda Nest quilt that I made and it was my first project on my Baby Lock when I got her home! I think the quilt has now found a good home!

Pardon the 2 baskets plus of excess "stuff" that still need a new home. The table in the middle of the floor was used to sit my machine on before Danny got home and moved the red enamel top table down from my sewing room. I will finish tidying those things up tonight or tomorrow, I promise!
But just look at that view!!
The stupid welder with the flat tire and all the grease/hydraulic fluid buckets behind the garage in front of the machine! Men? The green fishpond from the other window!!
I have to say it sure is a nice bright place to sew. I did a lot of sewing in this room for Robins wedding. I made her wedding gown, 3 flower girls dresses and 5 bridesmaid dresses while sitting in front of that window!

The view from the front window, the grandkids toys and my fishpond that isn't too green to enjoy. It must not be too bad because there are about 200 baby goldfish in there this year! That is another first for Sunny Morning Farm......other than the big fish pond, we have never had fish to hatch out in the smaller ponds! Yay! Anyone need any goldfish?
I have all colors, orange, black, white and any combo of colors!
Yes I still have paint that needs to be scraped off of the windows too..........among my many other things that I need to finish around here!

I can sit this winter/early spring and watch the Eastern Bluebirds in the crabapple tree out this window!

Now after I finish getting this box of stuff filed......

I can finish this quilt. I sewed the binding on it and apparently stretched the binding while I was sewing it and it is smaller than the quilt causing it to curl!! The crazy things I do!
I will have to remove it and start over.....urgh!!

Then I am going to play with my baby!!
She looks new and shiny doesn't she?
I plan to use this room and this machine only for quilting and doing the rest of my sewing and piecing in my sewing room. This way I have freed up some much needed space up there and it takes a good open space to be able to swing a quilt around while quilting it, I hope this was a good idea!


Fonville Farm said...

Looks great! You forgot to mention that that was my bedroom! And that you basicaly swept me out of there!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Thank you!! hahaha Yes, this used to be her bedroom and when she moved out I had to hurry and get to work on those wedding dresses. She was taking boxes out and I was a sweeping her right out to the truck! I said "good ridence" hahaha I needed the sewing space if she wanted dresses for that wedding!!!

Brenda said...

It looks like a great place to "work" :D I like a room with a view to the outside world when I'm working too. My laptop sits on my desk in the middle of 3 windows in the roof line of the second story of my home. I look out past the computer screen to see a large hay field and trees in the distance. It's peaceful.

the canned quilter said...

looks great! I love to be able to sit and look out over the land. Bright and airy : )

Also I have gifted you with an award so check out my blog!


Kathleen said...

Take a binding off a finished quilt?!?!? Too much extra work! You just need to stick a ruffle around the edge so it looks like it was meant to lay that way!

Your workroom looks so appealing--I can see why you want to spend time in it!

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Yes ladies I do love a room with a view! If only it wasn't so hot with the sun beaming in to be able to leave the curtains open and enjoy it! I was able to quilt a lot yesterday morning but then the sun was scorching in the afternoon. We are in for another very hot day today but it's supposed to be back in the low 80's for the 3 day weekend!! woowoo!!!
Kathleen~ I will use the easiest method I can figure out to get that binding off that quilt. I think it will be easier to remove than to add a ruffle but that is a good idea and I will keep that in mind! You never know! Thanks for stopping by my long time friend!