Friday, January 29, 2010

Anyone who knows me......

will be sure to tell you that I can change my mind at the drop of a hat. I am a Gemini and I have been told that I am supposed to be like that, right?
Just this morning Robin and I were talking about our favorite quilt patterns and fabrics. I told her that I was OK with some of the modern fabrics out there but my heart always steered me right back to the old fashioned patterns and designs such as a great calico log cabin or Grandmother's Flower Garden or a nice Pinwheel pattern.
So what did I do but go straight to Joann Fabrics, walk in and buy 2 of these very very modern jelly rolls and come home.......march right up to my newly semi-organized sewing studio and make 7 log cabin blocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well at least I did stick to my favorite pattern!!
I should have a lot of "me" time in that sewing studio over the next couple days as it is already snowing outside and we are supposed to be getting as much as 18"......ugh!
My house is sooooooo noisy right now.....all the girls, excluding me are in the kitchen playing Rummy or Romey as Emma calls it! I have never heard such laughing in all my days! They won't let me play with them......they said for me to just go sew something!