Thursday, January 14, 2010

You can not teach an old dog new tricks.....

Well maybe you can teach and old "dog" new tricks but not an old "lady" like myself. You have all heard the old saying "Set in their ways". Yep by the time a woman turns 40 she is set in her ways and she stays like that til she is dead and gone. Whether it be because she is old or senile she can't take change and run with it.
With that being said......I have been working on my kitchen project and this has included some very serious deep cleaning. Cleaning out drawers. Junk drawers and other drawers that had other purposes in the beginning but ended up being junk drawers. I worked as a nurse for the past 10 years and 4 years prior to that as a CNA and I always kept a roll of tape in my pocket at all times while working. This was good tape!! I tried to remember to leave it in my locker at work or in my tote bag so that I could take it back the next day. However over the 14 years there seemed to be a lot of this tape that was found throughout my house and car or truck and pocket books. I use this tape all the time for all sorts of various jobs around the house. Bandaging my husband after he split his finger wide open yesterday while putting wood in the stove. (Clutz, I am wearing off on him) Labeling things, you name it I have got the supply of tape for the job!!!
In my cleaning frenzy I found about 12 rolls of said tape and since I was totally rearranging and organizing things I had to think of the perfect place for my tape to be kept and put it there. In less than one minute I needed a piece of tape to hold down a roll of drawer paper that I was cutting for a drawer and I turned back to the one drawer that used to hold at least one roll of tape at all times, and it was not there..........I had to search for 5 minutes trying to remember where I just put all this tape. I will never be able to find anything again!!!
Of course this comes maybe 30 minutes after hanging all my pots back up on my pot rack in the kitchen. The pot rack is directly over the kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen. As I hung the very last really heavy pot up I thought about how it would be really bad if one of us ran into these pots before I got the island moved back in. Within about 30 seconds from hanging the last pot up, I thought of something to do in the other room and I took off looking down at my feet and....BAM!!! I hit that last big heavy pot with the entire top of my head. It almost knocked me down to the floor. I saw some really pretty stars in some really pretty colors!!!! Maybe that explains the tape story??? Maybe not I think it's just everyday life for me to be forgetful and set in my ways!!
At least I didn't move my barn off it's foundation like Leslie did last summer. We were in my barn talking to each other and she turned around and hit my barn door so hard that it literally moved my barn. We can laugh about that one now but it wasn't really funny right at the time. Good thing she took after me and has a hard head!!!!
I have to share something with all you guys right now........get ready for some chills to run up your husbands job has been very secure for him, not everyone in the company but he is a very hard worker and can do and will do anything that they ask him to do. Work ethics like that pays off in hard times too. They will find him work when others are begging to get out of working. However I am feeling an erie feeling in the back of my mind about the" what if's". In this horrible economy I am feeling a little selfish because I do have a nursing license and am not putting it to use and I am not contributing to the household finances at all. I am just on the decorating committee and I am the the grounds keeper/gardener, cook, company nurse, bookkeeper, personal shopper, laundry aid, dairy herdsman and many other duties that I can't even think of right now.
All this time that I have been feeling that way I still wouldn't even think about going back to work. Until last night when I decided to look at our local newspapers online classified. I saw one job that peaked my interest, an office position in a surgeons office only 2 days a week for 8 hour shifts. I did not apply. Just now as I was typing this post, I mean a couple minutes ago in real phone rang and it was a call from a home health agency that I used to do some part time work for. I am not on their payroll anymore so I wondered what they would want with me.................. It was a new recruiter and he asked me if I had Peds experience...."Yes, inpatient peds and peds ER" you have ventilator experience?...."Yes, I worked ICU/CCU with vents".........Do you want a case about 15 miles from your home? Part time or full time? ......................................................................I have an interview tomorrow morning!!!!! I can set my own hours because this is a new case that is being set up!!!!!!!!
Doesn't the Lord work in mysterious ways?

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Brenda said...

Good luck with the interview. It sounds like could be an interesting job situation.

You know ... I do the same when I clean house and put things where they should be put ... I'm sure I'll never find some of the things I organized in the last deep cleaning!