Monday, January 11, 2010

It only took 33 years....

to get my dearest husband to take his muddy boots off at the door! This could have gotten started the other day when he walked across my freshly painted white floor in his bedroom slippers that he had worn out to the mailbox. I screamed at him because the sealer was still wet and his feet were muddy, well icy and dirty, too cold for mud. I almost cried!
Yep that could've been the turning point.
It could be that he is so happy with the way the floors are looking.
He is also VERY HAPPY that I am doing all the work myself!
Yep that's it, he doesn't want to put any more work on me!!!!!!!! hahahahahaa!!!!

This is what the main kitchen floor looked like prior to paint. Not bad huh? Good camera is all I have to say about that! I like a beautiful wood floor as good as the next....hence my beautiful Cherry wood floors in my master bedroom......but this was not a good wood and not in good shape. It also ran into the adjoining floors with boards running in no particular order. It needed help!! Shown above is my kitchen island before I found my enamel table topper for it. It was a dresser of mine since I was a little girl. OLD!!
This is what the 2 rooms look like now. I have to do the kitchen floor in steps due to big appliances and the fact that it is smack in the center of the house and the bathrooms are both on one side of the kitchen. Today I painted myself out to where I had to go thru my bedroom and outside across the back deck and in the back door just to get a bathroom break!!
I had to move that huge fridge and paint under it....actually painted the walls too....and some trim...etc etc etc........ I hope to have the other half done tomorrow. Most of the prep work has already been old body is feeling it too. Turned upside down with a sander for many hours today. Poor old shoulders!

Now I am wondering if it will take me 33 years to get him to hook up this prep sink in the pantry??????? It has only been sitting there in it's hole for about 5 years now!!! Can you drop a little bug in his ear that I am now ready for my kitchen and pantry to be finished? Please!!!!!
I promise I will put all the stuff away if he will finish the sink...and the under cabinet lights.....and the receptacles!


Sage said...

You are SURELY on the white kick aren't ya?? It's looking good!! Me on the other hand..already has a white floor (linolestuff of course)BUT white with three dogs, 2 cats..a hubby and a yard of mud, leaves and garden dirt does not a clean floor make..oh no no no! I suffer greatly..wonder if I can paint mine black? ya think that would help? LOL...GOOD STUFF girl..

RiverBend Farm said...

It all looks wonderful but, girl, you've gotta be hurtin'! That would kill my aching body.

Angie said...

It is looking awesome! Love the inspiration picture you showed in the previous post.

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Sage ~ I just have one big old inside dearest hubby!! I know it will be hard to keep clean with him in here....maybe the doghouse out back...hmmmmm??????? I told you I liked white last year! You were the first one that I shared that idea with!! Didn't believe me , huh?

Berte ~ I am sore but I am so pumped that I want to hurry and get it done!! Then I'll crash for sure!! Last year I painted almost the whole house and ended up on the sofa for a month with shoulder pain. I am trying to not let that happen again!

Angie ~ Thanks for stopping by and I love love love that inspiration kitchen too!!!!! I can only dream!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Beautiful floors my friend! I love that glass cake holder thingy on the cupboard! I had one just like it, until some little dumpling tried to wash it and accidentally broke it:))And I am spying some old enamelwear... in red and white...breath, just breath!! You're and inspiration up North to get some projects started.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow! Lookin' good, Miss Rebecca! Better go easy on the old back, though...