Friday, January 8, 2010

Because I can, that's why!

Yes that is the reason behind me painting this wonderful little cabinet......because I can...I bought it with my own very hard earned money and it is mine. So please don't go tell the nice lady at the consignment shoppe where it was purchased that I ignored her wishes and painted it anyway. Please!!
On second thought maybe she does need to know!!!

This was my "hot weather" project of the day. (5 degrees outside)
I knew that it would eventually get painted and I of course knew that it would be white......well look again is Goose Gray!!!! I had a gallon of this paint that was purchased for another project that ended up being a project that just had to be white instead, so I had this new gallon and needed to use it. So with the wild hairs that I get I thought I would just see.........after all I do have white paint to cover it if it looks bad right?

Turns out I like it! I really like the chalkboard contrast and I LOVE my white stoneware in it! I am not sure if I posted about these last summer....well hahaha I am sure that I did....but anyway this set was an e-bay find. I got the 65 piece set for $65 or 56 piece set for $65 or something like count them I am too tired!!!!!
Look at those cutesy itty bitty butter pats......Oh Morgan has begged and begged me for them....she loves anything little...little dishes, little toys, little violins, little old men, .......she asked for a little old man for Christmas and I told she already had Papa Danny........Oh stop it Becky!!! Back to the butter pats....I found those at an antique store for cheap. Have you priced butter pats? They cost as much as an antique dinner plate!!

The ironstone is Johnson Brothers Regency. Danny's mother had a set just like these.

As you can see I have kept basically the same decor on top of the cabinet as before. I call this my little dairy display. The churn was a Christmas gift from Robin, the Holstein cow was one that I paid dearly for about 23 years ago when I was collecting cows for my kitchen, the butter printer-antique store find, the little pint milk bottle...oh so cute and little is full of buttons that just happened to be red, white and goose gray already......was that an omen?? The antique milk bottle lid came from ebay. Now I am in hot pursuit of a white ironstone cow or goat creamer. I have seen them before but just didn't buy one but I think I need one to top this display off just so!!!!!
There you have it folks I was forbidden to paint my oak cabinets ....however I bought those myself too.........hum? I had to paint something that was wood today as a rebellious act!!! Not really, the before picture made it look a whole lot better than it really was so no harm was done. I actually did it a big favor!!!!!
Emma will be over soon to finish decorating it for me.....with chalk!!!!!


Catherine Anne said...

It looks great!!!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Wow! I have a couple little niches you could come and decorate up North! I love the butter churn:))You are getting me excited to think about painting a couple of white projects that have been waiting for a couple of years around here.

Nancy M. said...

I like it, it looks country!

Brenda said...

The cabinet looks great! Since you like white - You'd like my cheese processing room. We painted it white to make it bright.

I've enjoyed your blog - just thought I'd let you know! - Brenda