Friday, January 22, 2010

Pigs are flying now......

or you know what has frozen over or something

because Danny Moran asked for me to pull up something about the new trucking rules online.

He expected me to do it as always

but I told him he had to learn sometime.

I made him take control of the mouse and

in a few minutes he was surfing like no body's business!!!!

Now I know that there are some pigs out there somewhere flying around this morning!!

Don't you just love his rhinestone glasses!

He's so cuuuuute!!

Morgan tells him that daily!


Jayme~ I do not want you having a heart attack due to my incredibly messy office! I know mine does not in any way compare to the cleanliness of yours!

You see here:

Sewing books

My Bible

Grandma Goldies Picture

Tax papers (cringe)

A book on raising dairy goats

Quilt magazines

Camera manuals

Chicken catalogs

my husband

Seed catalogs

an ER nursing manual (comes in handy around this place)

Camera bag

pictures of grandkids


my laptop

decorating magazines


a dusting cloth (now that's funny)

and many other items too numerous to mention

Can you figure out at least 2 of my hobbies from this list of items that suck my breath out of me when I am in that office? This is all in a 3' X 3' area! Hey it's my junk and if anyone else wants to come and clean it up for me because it's bothering them just let me know and I'll send my address!!

Why don't you guess my hobbies in order of importance to me?

Of course behind the scenes are 2 sewing machines and 2 quilt projects that I have started. This room is serving several purposes at the time mostly sewing/office!

..............and yes my friends the Christmas decorations are upstairs tucked away for another year...well 10ish months!! While he was upstairs putting the boxes away.....he yelled downstairs at me and asked me "Have you ever seen a more organized sewing room? I bet those women would like to see a picture of this on your blog! Hand me the camera and I'll take a picture for them to see!" That's where my real sewing room is but it's not so convienent to use and I have expanded (apparently) and now need 2 rooms!! LOL!!!!! Yeah those sewing/quilting projects are just rolling out of there left and right!! I told you pigs were flying!!


The lip is much better today however it is still very sore.

Thanks for all the sweet comments and well wishes!!!!


Brenda said...

Very funny! I love your office! You should see my desk ... yes, there is room to use the laptop ... and several of my books and Bible seem to have taken up permanente residence on the desk as well as my favorite photos of friends and family.

Leslie said...

I think I just saw a pig fly by my window!! I can't believe he sat in front of that stupid computer as he calls it. I love his glasses too! He is so cuuuuuute!!!

Sandra said...

Hey, I'm good with your mess being your mess. I have my own mess to deal with...on a daily basis. -smile-
Now you'll never get on the computer, you do know that, eh?