Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can't take the country out of the girl......

and please don't try to take me out of the country either!
Leslie and I had a girls day out yesterday (no men and no kids) and got to do some way too long overdue antiquing and shopping! Woowoowooo!!! We went to Mt Airy NC. We ate at Barney's Cafe. I saw a man dressed as Otis, the town drunk, meandering down the street in front of the cafe with his white dress jacket, hat and brown liquor jug waving at folks as they went by!!!!! So much fun to be had in Maberry!!!

We went to our favorite antique store!! Found some more enamelware there!!! That always makes me happy! This huge milk pail has some white paint dripped on the wooden handle.....hum? Looks like it came from my house!!!

Cutesy little antique aluminum measuring cup!

This Sellars measuring cup came from another primitive store that we found along the way down the mountain. Crockett's Country Store.
They have a website Leslie and I searched half a day for them last year two counties over and by the time we found them they were closed for the day. We never went back. When we passed this store yesterday and read the name out loud together we said oh no we have to go back!!! It was them, they have moved closer to me and all my favorite shopping!!!! They have a blog too. Go on over and check them out!

I found this pump for my antique green mason jar that I put by my kitchen sink with my dish detergent in!!

This beautiful braided rug for my kitchen sink! I am so in love with braided rugs, always have and always will be in love with them! They are the epitome of country in my book! As are priscilla curtains. Not just any priscilla curtains, but the ones that are hung so full on the rod that they are so ruffled with just the right punch!!!!!!! They sell those too for an incredible price. I had to have a couple valances made for my kitchen and pantry. That for starters and I will cover one window at a time til I get my whole house filled with these curtains. I have always loved the look and I have always been in a dilemma of what type of curtains I wanted in my house and never happy with any of them, always in the back of my mind wanting these! I can't wait for them to come in this week. They are custom made per order and I was told they would be in next week!!!!!!!!

I picked these cutesy kitchen towels up at Kmart yesterday.

To make more of these! My wonderful sister-in-law Wanda, gave me this one for Christmas. I love it! I have not had an oven door that I could hang a towel on until this one. These are nothing but a potholder sewn to a towel and add a button! Sew easy and sew cute and practical. These will cost me $1.50 each plus a button that I have zillions of anyway!!! I love the country look of the towels that I found too.
I know that I am painting all my furniture, walls and floors
white but I still can't seem to stay away from country decor. That's just me, a country girl and I can't change that fact so I might as well go with that in my decor! After all it's what makes you happy in your own home. If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't No One Happy!!!!!
I'll try to remember and take pictures so I can post a tutorial of the kitchen towels for you guys!!


Lorilee said...

What a fun day! I love enamelware too!

KMart said...

What finds!! I think you might like the new Country Living line from Kmart based on your style here -

OurCrazyFarm said...

Well it sure is a good thing I couldn't come with you... 2 grown women fighting over an enamal milking pail would not have been a pretty sight in that antique shop! They would have kicked us both out then Leslie would have gotten the pail!

The only Otis I know is the movie Milo and Otis. Guess you can tell our kids are still little! Why didn't you say something to Leslie so she could have enjoyed the show, too????!!

What great finds! I love, love, love that top for the jar! I have a box full of green jars sitting in the garage just waiting for something to be done with them. I'll have to keep a watch out for tops now! And what a beautiful rug! It fits perfect with those white floors!

Leslie said...

We had such a fun day! I sure do hate the fact that we found another favorite store. It might be a very bad thing, especially when I can actually buy something. I loved Mayberry too! Next time we will need to go earlier before everything closes up on us! Thanks for the great day!!! I love ya!

Holly said...

That enamel milking pail has me drooling with envy. I love antiques that I can use. Sort of blending the past and the present.