Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spring cleaning in January

I have set around enough whining and crying about the weather being so cold and nasty. I have blogged til I can't no more....teh he jus kiddin here!.....I have gotten so bored with Facebook and I am sure that all my friends are bored with me too. So today I had to tell self to get up and act like it's summer and it's too hot to stick your head outside! Self decided that since it was too hot outside that her cabinets needed to be cleaned and her kitchen floors painted.
Self actually decided this before Christmas but didn't seem to find the time to do them. So today I jumped up from my laptop warm up....put on some good music, vacuumed the floor and started painting part of it. See this is yet another color change.....long long long story for another day. It has to be done in increments so I painted a little and then hit the cabinets.
This picture and the above is an after shot. Looks good huh? other than the speck of white paint on the drawer in this one. I don't know who uses white paint around this house?????? I used hot water with Murphy's Oil Soap and scrubbed them with a toothbrush........... and scrubbed and scrubbed....... then I coated them really really good with Old English Oil. OMG they look like new ones. I really was hoping that if I neglected them for a long long time like I did that Danny would finally agree that I could paint them white.........I caved.....they were way too grimy for me to stand any longer!!! Dagum it they look good now.

Look how bad they looked before! Yes there you have it folks I am not ashamed to air my dirty cabinets for all the world to see. I would be ashamed had I not cleaned them, or if I wasn't so bored with my life right now!! I think this has got me inspired to finish painting the floor.....for one thing Danny cracked up at me when he came in and saw yet another coat of paint in a different color going on them.......and to go on and do a lot of inside Spring type jobs while the weather is still frightful....more snow tomorrow but I don't care just let me get to Lowes for another gallon of paint in the morning and then bring it on Old Man Winter.....I am armed and dangerous!!!!! Armed with a paintbrush and cleaning bucket!!!!

I have one more cabinet to get to tonight....had to take an iced tea break know that hot weather!! Then paint some more on the floor and hope noone has to get up for a bathroom break tonight after drinking too much tea.......on second thought................


Vickie said...

Hello Rebecca - ran across your blog at Berte's place. I like your style and I love what you're doing with your little Fairy's Rest! We did the same with our little farmhouse a couple of years ago. It was so fun re-doing and painting, and shopping all the garage sales, etc. I know it's going to turn out just GREAT! Stop by and see me sometime!

Leslie said...

The cabinets look great! You know when you finish at your house I have a few projects around here that I could use help with!!

Amy said...

Great job... your on a roll!