Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

and my toes crossed and my eyes crossed
and anything else crossed that I need to so that I don't jinx anything and my dearest husband will let me buy this
this weekend!!!!!
I have been really good!
I promise no more fattening meals.
No more pie!
(he didn't have any problem eating a big slice of Jesse's pecan pie tonight)
He won't have to worry about food being prepared at all cause I will be a quilting!!!
I have found this machine barely used for a steal on Craigslist and I think I have him convinced that I need it.
There I go begging, stealing and killing!
What have I become??
A quilter that's what!!
He has plans for another great big hunt for the weekend and I may just be off on a 4-5 hour drive to take this baby for a test drive in the owners studio!!
Hey when the cats away the mice will play!!
Oh Leslie what ya doing Saturday?
Up for a road trip?
(I just got a final confirmation on the owner being home this weekend!!)
{{{{{{giggle, giggle}}}}}}