Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just me and my MP3....

Got 'er done!!

I have kept my MP3 in my ears for several days now and it sure has helped me to get a big job done while the times just ticked on by!
FYI~ If you want to find a way to get supper out for two nights running, just paint your kitchen floors! Or just take the stove out of the kitchen and put it in your living room! Hey don't laugh it works!! He bought Italian take out last night and when he came in this evening and saw the turmoil he asked if I could get to some more clothes so we could go to our local cafe/grill for supper..........well of course I could get to some more clothes cause I surely wouldn't be caught dead in public in these paint clothes!!!!
Then when we got home he was upset that he had to help me get the stove back in the kitchen.......I said "Fine, supper out three nights in a row? No problem here."
He grabbed his side of the stove quickly!!! I guess I'll be cooking in my new white kitchen tomorrow!!! Oh Goody!!!!
Actually, It's not 100% finished. I ran out of my $46 a gallon sealer and I have to make a Lowes trip tomorrow morning. Bummer! I need two more coats on the center of the room. I also have a big crack that I am filling with wood putty where the floors join. It's a crack that is way too big to "add character" .....it adds the....."What the heck happened here look"!!!!!!
I will soon be finished, I hope. Of course there are a lot of touch ups to be done where white paint got on black under the cabinets........makes me sooooo mad when that happens!
Then I have lots and lots and lots of decorating to do!!!!! hehehehe
I promise no more pictures of my white floors til I am finished and there is actually something to see! This just keeps me focused!
Terri, did you notice the enamelware on top of the cabinets? I thought you did!
For the record my windows are NOT as dirty as they appear in this picture!! They aren't spotless but they look horrible here. OMG!!! Add cleaning windows to my list of to do's!!


OurCrazyFarm said...


Aaaahhhh!!! More enamelwear!!!! We must have been siamese twins conjoined at the hip then surgically removed and adopted out... don't ya think??

You certainly have spring fever... we rarely ever get to the bored point around here to notice dirty windows:)))LOL!!

Now... just avoid Walmart on that big shopping trip of yours tomorrow, ya hear??? And you better pick up something to cook in those new pans of yours for when the floors are finally done!

Amy said...

Music can be a real motivator. I'm sure your relieved to be nearly finished... floors are a big project. Looking forward to seeing your decorating ideas. Don't worry about the window.. I find them impossible to keep sparkly.

Anonymous said...

I love the white wood floors! and.. I so understand it all. Very well.
The moving things around and around. The work and the satisfaction of it when you look at the finished project. The pride and the fact that you didn't get divorced in the process. lol..

Looks great.
Have a good day.

RiverBend Farm said...

I love your white floors! Don't you feel such a huge sense of accomplishment?

Amanda said...

I like it! Since you've got this down, you can come help me paint my bathroom. ;)

Mel said...

Do you think paint would go on linoleum~ LOL

Looking good, will have to check in later for the finished project.