Thursday, January 21, 2010

I got a fwat wip....

and it's all his fault!!!
He didn't carry the boxes of Christmas ornaments
upstairs like I asked him to do last week.
If you guys knew what my stairs were like
you would understand why I don't do it myself.
Very steep and narrow! And I'm a clutz!!
There was a tote full of ornaments sitting in the
pantry floor awaiting him to put away, which was under the cabinet
that I needed to put something in.
Instead of me moving the tote
I stretched as far as I could to put this item in anyway.
While outstretched, the said item
fell out of my hands and in a flat second
I had a crockpot in my upper lip.
I mean my entire upper lip and teeth.
It busted my lip on the inside
and jarred my teeth!
Do you think I said bad words?
Well I didn't exactly call him "Honey"!!
However I was not too terribly upset at him
he agreed for me to go get that
that I want so badly!!!!!!!!
Now I know what you guys are probably
thinking. That it was as much my fault for
not moving the tote before
I stretched myself over it. That I was just being lazy.
Well my friends you are not the one sitting here with a
busted wip and a wet wash cwoth in your mowth.
So I have to blame it on someone and he's
such an easy target!
I bet the boxes will be taken upstairs as soon as
he gets in tonight!
Don't you?
The waskally wabbitt!!!


Leslie said...

Of course its his fault. It's ALWAYS his fault no matter what!!!
Hope your lip is okay. Now he want get any sugars for letting you get your quilting machine will he!

RiverBend Farm said...

I'm with Leslie..of course it's his fault! It's always "their" fault. At least you can still play with that Baby Lock while nursing your lip. Hope you're better soon,

Lorilee said...

OUCH! Hey, who doesn't take the short cut? I know I do! Take care of that lip.

Teresa said...

ouch! I hope your lip heals quickly...stay away from tomatoes and oranges and lemons and ...well you get the drift;)

OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh, you poor wittle puddin' pie! But, No pictures?????!!!