Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Newspaper" quilt

This is what I have been working on today...well yesterday too. Oh yeah and last month briefly.....and they said the pattern was so easy that I would be amazed at how quickly it would come together!! hahaha
I have named it "Newspaper"! Ever since I first laid eyes on this fabric when it was but a mere dessert roll, I have thought about this joke......
"What is black and white and read/red all over? A Newspaper"
So of course I had to name it Newspaper.
The dessert roll did not have a selvage edge on the strips.
I had to go back and purchase some more of the fabric off of the bolt today and when I was cutting out the borders I happened to notice the name of the fabric written in the selvage.
I have had a terrible cold for a couple days now and have been feeling like I am in a fog and things are not really clear mentally, well that is not very different from the norm!!
Guess what this fabric collection is called??????
Black & White & Red Allover by Henry Glass!!!
Not kidding!!
I was just sorta stunned for a moment or two.
Kinda surreal, things sorta went gray for me for a moment!
I couldn't believe my eyes!
I am a psychic!
Anyone want their palms read?
I am keeping this quilt for myself and I am practicing with the new machine again.
I am doing the same meandering maze quilting pattern that I used on my pinwheel quilt. I am using that pattern because it comes so easily to me. Maybe from a lot of practice on the pinwheel quilt? I had greater than 20 hours in it. I sure hope it doesn't take as long on this one. The new machine is a lot smoother so I am thinking it won't take as long.

Don't look too closely!
I still have to get used to the speed of the machine so right now
my stitches are a little uneven in length ;-)

The lighting in my office/sewing room is not the greatest at night and I am having a hard time seeing well enough to quilt this tonight. This is a very busy pattern and it all runs together!
I will be ready come daylight though!
I think I will go finish handstitching the binding on the last quilt that I showed you so I can show some real pictures of it tomorrow! I think it turned out really cute!

Goodnight all!!


OurCrazyFarm said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Can't wait to see the other quilt, too:))

Leslie said...

Its gorgeous!!! I'm glad your getting good use out of that machine that we had to travel so far for!!!

RiverBend Farm said...

First of all, I love the new header..great look!
Second, I love your name for your quilt..and the fabrics are awesome. I'm so anxious to hear about your new machine. Several years ago I got the big wooden Grace frame and Janome 1600..I rarely use it. I usually just quilt tabletop with Bernina. I have learned to regulate my stitches, I have to listen to some relaxing music and let my mind wander. Keep up the good work,

Sandra said...

Lovely quilt and hope you feel better quickly!

Teresa said...