Sunday, January 3, 2010

Slumber party at The Fairy's Rest..............

We have all been ate up with cabin fever so we took off for the weekend to The Fairy's Rest. We had some good Rummy games. I think Papa Danny was cheating here!

Good ole pot of potato soup simmering. It was only 9 degrees outside!!
Colton's turn!

The free sectional sofa with sofa bed came in handy!

The kids were so wired they didn't want to go to sleep. Colton kept telling Emma that there were bears outside to scare her. There are bears outside, which is the problem!!!!

My little Princesses!

a sneak peek at some of the decor now

I love this picture. It hangs above "my" bed. Morgan says it reminds her of Danny and I kissing and my cousin Debbie looking on. She liked Danny at one time too!!!

My incredibly talented daughter made these for me with her embroidery machine. Embroidered E A T on the same toile fabric that I made the kitchen curtains from. Thank you!!

Dining room curtains

Toile dish detergent apron.
I had so much fun collecting all of this Blue Willow Ware last year!
I love the monkey soap dish!

Black transferware plates hung over the stove.

Rooster pics from a clearance sale at Joanne Fabrics

More willow ware on top of fridge

"If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen" sign hangs in my room

My Sam Toft print hangs in the living room. I love camping trailers and I love Sam Toft. I thought this was appropriate for a vacation home. I also have the same print hanging in my bedroom at home ;-) with the rest of my Sam Toft collection

This is a pencil of The Alum Ridge Schoolhouse that still stands just a few miles from my home. Robin and I went to a yard sale at a house in the next county and there were sketches for sale. Of course I had to inquire about them........the artist was the man of the house who used to own a local restaurant that we frequented. He had been crippled in a motorcycle wreck and started drawing afterwards. Of course I had to have an original!!

Shabby table that really needs a shabby lamp!

My bathroom!

My bedroom curtains made from a $5 linen shower curtain!

Cool huh?

My bed with my ebay chenille bedspread.
I will get better pictures sometime and do some before and afters on my other blog. I still have some tweaking in most all the rooms.......not enough time in a day!!!!!
We all really did have a good time on our slumber party at the cabin. The weather was so frigid but we were toasty warm and had a change of pace that each of us needed. The kiddos are back to school tomorrow and everyone else back to work, including me. I have a big long list of to do's for myself!!!!!! I feel refreshed and less depressed so maybe I can get some of those things done now!! I hope you enjoyed your little tour.


Catherine Anne said...

What a fun post!!!

Lorilee said...

What fun to have a get-away like that. I dream of fixing up my great-grandmothers home as a get-away. The problem is that it is in VERY bad shape, and I don't have the money for materials or the time and ability for all of its problems.

Amanda said...

I love the red and white!

RiverBend Farm said...

Loved the tour! Thanks. What fun to get away and have some great family time.

Leslie said...

The kids had a great time! I did too on Saturday. It was nice just to get out of the house for a little bit. Today the kids went back to school....YIPEE!!